Time-Based RPG Adventure – Class Project 2016

My role: Producer, Game Designer, Lead 2D/3D Artist
Technologies: Unity, Maya, Illustrator

Story intro animation, I created everything except the music.

Star Crossing is a simulation game with exploration and relationship elements and a hard time limit I worked on with a small team for my senior capstone project at Northeastern University. I envisioned Star Crossing as a story-driven life simulation-style RPG with some lite platforming, based around a fixed time limit with a day/night cycle. A “life simulator with consequences”.

Some Star Crossing character designs, collaboration with Bob Faller

Your ship has crash-landed on a doomed planet full of weirdos! With only 30 days until catastrophe, you must make friends, collect items, and uncover secrets if you want to escape! Star Crossing tells a story of impending apocalypse in a wacky alien world that’s faced it before but few remember.

Star Crossing combined lowpoly 3D environments with flat, 2D characters for a unique look fitting of its unusual setting. As an artist, I wanted to make Star Crossing feel cute and approachable, focusing on bright saturated colors and simple shapes to serve as an interesting contrast to the bleak subject matter.

Unfortunately, technical problems ended up making our first prototype less than stellar and work stopped after the class was completed, but I am happy with what we were able to accomplish and hope to revisit the mechanics and ideas of Star Crossing in the future.