Howdy, I’m Oskar.

I’m an award-winning digital artist and game designer based in Tokyo who loves working with others to create memorable experiences.

In 2017, I co-founded JellyTeam and released the world’s best use-any-controller, one-hit-KO slime fighting game: Super Slime Arena!

Having mostly worked at startups and as an indie game developer, I’m now aiming to join an established game company in the Greater Tokyo Area as a UI/UX Designer.

I have a BFA in Digital Art and Game Design from Northeastern University in Boston and at my most recent position as Lead Designer at a small software company in Kyoto I was making everything from interactive wireframes for apps and websites to augmented reality pixel cats and 3D models of traditional Japanese toys.

While I love pixel art and retro styles, I pride myself on being versatile and adapting to what is the best fit for each project.

I also used to write for Honey’s Anime, covering anime, games, music, and other facets of Japanese pop culture, and have previously worked in educational games at Northeastern University, major league baseball-trusted training simulations at NeuroScouting LLC, graphic design for Roomba at iRobot, and UI/UX design for lots of cool stuff all over the place.

My online moniker is OkiOkiPanic, even though I’m pretty mellow.
You can contact me at oskar at thinkoskar com,
I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.