Cartridge Art – My Famicase Exhibition 2017

I was very happy to be part of My Famicase Exhibition in 2017 with my first entry 神聖な昆虫 SACRED INSECT. Famicase is a a super cool collaborative art project where cartridge art is made for fantasy Famicom games and printed out to be displayed on real cartridges at METEOR in Nakano, Tokyo.

I found out about Famicase through an online friend and was super excited to be selected on my first try! I had actually forgotten about the deadline until the day before so I completed my design in about 16 hours in one sitting.

For SACRED INSECT I wanted to make something that looked a bit RPG-ish but had an extra air of weirdness about it. I was feeling in the mood for drawing insects for whatever reason and the concept basically came together there. For the final graphical treatment I was inspired by those scratch-off “magic rainbow” art book things which I had experienced in my childhood.

For my first attempt, and a rushed one at that, I was very happy with how it turned out. Some of my friends were able to see it in person which was really cool!

You can see all of the designs from 2017 here. I’m entry #125.