Party Fighting Game – Released on PC 1/23/2018!

Coming soon to Switch/PlayStation 4/Xbox One!
Published by DANGEN Entertainment
Available on, Humble, and Steam!
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My role: Game Designer, Solo Artist/Animator, UI, Promotional Artwork
Technologies: Haxe, HaxeFlixel, Photoshop, Aseprite

Super Slime Arena is a 16-bit style, party fighting game I worked as the co-designer and solo artist/animator. It is the first release from my indie game company, JellyTeam, which I founded in 2017 with two college friends. We are still working on the game in our spare time and plan to release a story mode and other single-player content.

The game began as a class project I worked on with Mark Trueblood at Northeastern University in Boston. Our goal was create a fighting game centered around accessibility and variety, opting for an easy-to-learn, two button control scheme (jump and attack) given depth through rich character diversity and some unique quirks. Our friend Liam Fratturo joined the team later, focusing on online multiplayer and UI programming.

In Super Slime Arena, you play as 32 different types of slimes, each with a single attack and hitpoint, meaning all attacks are one-hit KOs. Getting knocked out will have you respawn as a new slime. True mastery demands understanding of each character’s abilities and interactions in over a thousand possible matchups across 5 game modes and 13 different stages! Check out some raw gameplay in the video below:

Super Slime Arena also has robust controller system allowing for native support ranging from guitar, fishing rod, and bongo controllers to nostalgic classics of the past and modern standbys. This was both a reflection of our goal for accessibility, particularly for players with disabilities who might require a custom setup, and proved to be attention-grabbing at conventions. The game also has no set limit on the number of players, further expanding player choice and potential for chaos!

As a game designer, I focused on creating interesting matchups with characters that each felt unique but also familiar and easy to understand, and game modes that offered variety while still fitting in with the core systems. Particular attention was given to the user interface to support large player numbers and keep players in the loop while constantly changing characters.

As an artist, I was deeply inspired by Japanese console games of the 16-bit era, embracing a cute and colorful aesthetic to appeal to a wide audience. I focused on making our world and characters appealing, and easy to distinguish at a glance. Making them slimes also made much of the animation work relatively simple which let us make new characters quickly and left more time for adding polish to the environments, UI, and opening animation (see above!)

In 2018 I was privileged to be part of BitSummit in Kyoto where I showcased the game on stage with famous designers Suda51, Swery, Tak Fuji, and Koji Igarashi, pro fighting game player Kane Blueriver, and others! At BitSummit we met with DANGEN Entertainment of Osaka who will be publishing Super Slime Arena on all major consoles worldwide!

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Indie MEGABOOTH: GDC 2017, PAX West 2017, PAX East 2018
  • DreamHack Atlanta – Best Multiplayer 2018
  • BitSummit Kyoto Vol. 6 – Official Selection 2018
  • GamePedia PAX Pick – PAX West 2017
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games – Best Digital Multiplayer 2017
  • Otakon 2017 – Fan’s Choice Award
  • Play NYC – Official Selection