Demon Business Puzzler – Global Game Jam 2016
Global Game Jam Page (includes link to download and play)

My role: Game Designer, Character Artist/Animator
Technologies: Unity, Illustrator

This is a game I worked on with a 8-person team over 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2016 at Northeastern University in Boston. The theme was “Ritual” which sounded ripe for a summoning game to us! I collaborated on the game design and produced all of the character art. The UI and background art was done by Caidin Toder. Back Alley Summoner is a humorous  puzzle/simulation game where you pick ingredients to summon demons to complete procedurally generated tasks for ‘hellbucks’ and reputation.Features 15,625 procedurally generated demons, 50 ingredients to make them with, and 6250 quests to fulfill plus Twitch integration which lets watchers send ingredients to players! The demons are made up of a parts that correspond to their associated stat and strength, leading to a lot of visual variety. Tasks are generated to be silly like “polymorph my dungeon master with a gun” but also hint at which stats are involved for success (in this case occult and power). While I think my style clashed a bit with the other artist’s, I focused on making my character designs clean and distinctive, while still being able to be mixed and matched seamlessly (as much as possible) which was made easier with the silhouette-style presentation for the bodies. I went for a creepy-cute vibe drawing a lot from traditional horror tropes.