NES Travel Racing Game – In Development

Work in progress environment

Genre: Racing Game
Platforms: PC, NES/Famicom
Timeline: Freetime Project
Team: Just me, looking for collaborator
My Role: Designer, Artist
Tools: Aseprite, Tiled, Engine TBA

• All assets created with 8×8 tiles and NES color restrictions and screen resolution in mind
• Features 6 playable racers and multiple minigames and environments to explore


Scooter Race is a Famicom-style racer originally made for A Game By Its Cover 2020. It was Inspired by  原付レース by Ame no Hi Graphics which seems to be referencing How Do You Like Wednesday?  (水曜どうでしょう).

This is an unfinished side-scrolling scooter racing game where you are on a tour of various locations across Japan meant to be a low-stakes, relaxing trip among a group of friends enjoying the ride.

During the race you have to switch lanes to avoid obstacles and other racers and can also do a wheelie for some extra speed at the cost of temporarily losing the ability to turn. Crashing will damage your scooter.

Ramen minigame mockup

In between races you will visit various rest stops. Depending on your vehicles condition you might need to get it repaired or have extra time to enjoy things like ramen. These sections will take the form of simple rhythm game.

Placing and time will be recorded at each rest stop with the overall winner being declared once you reach the final destination.

Mr. Hero, Kero-chan, Sgt. Dude, Mushi, Mikan, and Juju

This game is made to work with Famicom/NES-restrictions using the NES color palette and following the 4 colors per 8×8 tile (or 3 if transparency is needed). The tiles are also arranged in way to allow for faux-parallax on the background.

Gas station minigame mockup

This game is still WIP so please forgive the roughness of the artwork and page. I will update it once more of the game is complete.

I’m doing my best!