Oskar Strom

Art & Game Design


Games I have worked on, click on a cartridge for more information.

Super Slime Arena
Star Crossing
Cauldron Command
Gelatin Skeleton Golf
Tiny Sea
Back Alley Summoner

Super Slime Arena

Slimy Multiplayer Party-Fighter

Released 1/23/2018!
Buy on itch.io! Buy on Humble! Buy on Steam!


Super Slime Arena is a minimalist, 16-bit style, party fighting game currently in development by JellyTeam
(Mark Trueblood, Liam Fratturo and myself).

I am the co-designer, lead artist, and marketing director.

Features 32 different slimes, each with a single, unique attack and one hit point leading to fast-paced action and adaptive strategy within an easy-to-learn two button control scheme. Accessibility was the key design priciple.

Battle across 13 different stages with 5 different game modes and a plethora of features. Includes native support for a weird and wide variety of controllers ranging from Super Famicom to the Dreamcast fishing rod to DJ Hero, for as many players as you have controllers for!

Tools Used: HaxeFlixel, Aseprite, Photoshop
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Selected for the Boston Festival of Indie Games '15 & '17, Indie MEGABOOTH at GDC '17 and PAX West '17, and Play NYC '17 and Otakon's Indie Row in 2017!
Awards: Otakon Fan's Choice Award, Gamepedia PAX Pick, Boston Festival of Indie Games Best Multiplayer 2017!

See more at superslimearena.net

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Star Crossing

Time-Based Simulation Adventure


Star Crossing is a simulation game with exploration and relationship elements and a hard time limit I made for my senior capstone project at Northeastern University. I am taking the role of producer, co-designer, and art director on a 7 person team.

In Star Crossing your ship has crash landed on a doomed planet full of strange aliens. With only 30 days until catastrophe you must make friends, collect items, and uncover secrets if you want to escape!

3D Model of Cap Observatory

Tools Used: Unity, Maya, Illustrator
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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Cauldron Command

2-Player Haunted House RTS


In this competitive RTS you play as a gravedigger building an army of Halloween monsters. Dig up parts and bring them back to your haunt, where they can be used to directly summon monsters or be placed in cauldrons. This provides a slow but never-ending stream. Parts can also be combined in the lab to create stronger minions. Try to build up a strong enough army to destroy your opponent's haunt!

Cauldron Command was made for my Game Concept and Production class with a team of five. I created all of the art and animations.

Tools Used: Unity, Photoshop, Anvil Studio
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Download & Play

Controls: Player 1: WASD & Q Player 2: Arrows & M

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Gelatin Skeleton Golf

Infinite Spooky-Sporty Skelly-Jelly


In Gelatin Skeleton Golf play as a skeleton trapped in a giant cube of gelatin desperately trying to make his way to his grave. Unfortunately for him (not for you) each grave just leads to a new cube of gelatin and a new hole. Eternal death becomes endless fun in this wacky physics golf game!

Made with Mark Trueblood for Northeastern Game Jam 2014 in under 24 hours.

Tools Used: HaxeFlixel, Illustrator
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, etc.

Play Flash Version
Controls: Press Enter to start, then click and drag mouse back to launch skelly jelly.

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2-Player Procedurally Generated Computer Science Puzzler


An ongoing project I worked on as part of my co-op at the Northeastern University Game Studio and am still involved with. GrACE (named after Grace Hopper) is an educational game that uses procedural content generation to create puzzles whose solutions are equivalent to the computer science concept of constructing a minimum spanning tree. In this metaphor the players must dig the paths to the nodes where seeds are planted and then pull out the cork to submit and let the water flow.

It is intended to be a teaching tool for grade schoolers and to broaden participation in computer science education. I was the artist on a team of seven which included undergraduates, a graduate student, and two professors.

More information can be found here: nuweb1.neu.edu/gramshouse/grace-project-description/

Tools Used: Unity, Photoshop, Tiled
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

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Oceanic Aquaculture Simulator


In this aquaculture simulation game you buy, sell, and raise different types of fantastic animals. In order to be succesful you have to balance your populations to support higher tier organisms and account for changes in the environment. I helped make TinySea as part of my co-op at the Northeastern University Game Studio working with two other students and scientists at the Marine Science Center in Nahant. I created all of the art and animations and the user interface.

Tools Used: Unity, Illustrator
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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Back Alley Summoner

Demon Summoning Business Puzzler


You're an up-and-coming summoner trying to make your way up the corporate ladder. From your humble back alley stand, summon demons to complete tasks for your patrons. Take care that you use the right ingredients in their creation, though! Discover the proper combinations to summon the best demons to get the job done and earn yourself massive hellbucks and reputation in this demonic summoning, business puzzler.

Features 15,625 procedurally generated demons, 50 ingredients to make them with, and 6,250 quests to fulfill plus twitch.tv integration! I was part of an 8 person team, I contributed to the design of the game and created all of the parts for the demons.

Tools Used: Illustrator, Unity
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Made for Global Game Jam 2016 in under 48 hours!

Download & Play
Controls: Mouse, click the yellow sheet to get started

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Things I've made that aren't games, click an image for more.

RPG UI Mockup

Previous art test result

This is a PC RPG UI Mockup I made for a game company as part of their application. I focused on stained glass-like iconography with ample space for items, robust sorting tools, and resizeability.

Click for fullsize version!

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All Work Belongs to NeuroScouting LLC

!! Status of showing NeuroScouting work is being discussed. Please email me for work samples. !!

iRobot Corporation

All Work Belongs to iRobot

Line Drawings

I did a series of line drawings for iRobot in Illustrator of their robots and accessories. Many more examples are available upon request.

Printable material

I also made magazine advertisements, stickers, and bookmarks (among a plethora of other things).

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Catgroove Animation

Stop Motion Animation

Created by four people stuck in a college bathroom in about 30 hours.

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3D Glass Renders

Made in Blender

Realistic glass with water using Cycles rendering engine.

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pixel portraitHey! I'm Oskar!

I'm a digital artist and game designer currently based in Boston.
I love working with others to create memorable experiences.

Please see my resume for more!

Twitter: @OkiOkiPanic
Email: okiokipanic at gmail


Download Resume & Portfolio

Work Experience

  • JellyTeam L.L.C. - Washington, USA

  • Co-Founder, Lead Artist & Animator (July 2017 - Present)

    I am one of the founders of this 3-person indie game studio. I work in art production, game design, marketing & company management.
    Super Slime Arena is our first shipped game!

  • NeuroScouting LLC - Cambridge, MA

  • Motion Graphics/UI Artist (August 2016 - April 2017)

    Created a variety of menus, icons & animations for games used in training and scouting in professional baseball for PC, iPad & VR (Vive and Oculus)

  • Northeastern University Game Studio - Boston, MA

  • Game Designer & Artist (January 2015 - July 2016)

    Created artwork and contributed to the design of two educational games: TinySea, an aquaculture simulation game developed for the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, and GrACE, a procedurally generated puzzle game used to teach the computer science concept of minimum spanning trees to grade school students

  • iRobot Corporation - Bedford, MA

  • Creative Services Co-Op (January 2014 - July 2014)

    Created animated banner ads, technical line drawings, 3D renders and print media including magazines, billboards, product packaging & promotional items iRobot Work Samples


  • Software - Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Maya, SketchUp, Blender, Aseprite, Git/Github, JIRA, Trello
  • Languages - HTML/CSS, ActionScript, Haxe, Python
  • Engines - Unity, HaxeFlixel, GameMaker, Ren'Py
  • Other - HTC Vive, Oculus Rift


  • Northeastern University - Boston, MA

  • BFA in Digital Art & Game Design (May 2016)

    Treasurer of Northeastern University Game Development Club
    Founding member and treasurer of N.U. Tabletop Roleplaying Society